Animal Droppings/Feces Removal

You may have come across a pile of animal poop in your attic, and you may be wondering what animal it belongs to. No matter what animal it is, it is important you don’t attempt to remove the poop yourself. Wildlife droppings can cause many illnesses, including Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Rat-Bite Fever, among others. 

How to Identify Animal Feces

Common culprits for droppings in your attic include mice, rats, racoons, squirrels, and bats

Mouse Droppings

  • ¼” in length
  • Dispersed around attic
  • Tapered on the ends
  • Dark brown/black
  • Consistent in shape and size

Rat Droppings          

  • ½” in length
  • Concentrated in one area
  • Cylindrical 
  • Dark brown

Squirrel Droppings

  • Different colors such as beige, brown, green, and black
  • Spread out
  • 3/8 – 1” long
  • 1/8” in diameter

Bat Droppings

  • Similar in size and shape to mouse droppings
  • Typically found in piles
  • Each dropping may be different to the next

Racoon Droppings

  • 2-3” in length
  • Clustered together in the same area
  • Often contains undigested materials

Wildlife animal droppings are unsanitary — over time, fungus or mold can grow on the droppings. This can lead to hazardous problems in your home. Do not attempt to remove animal feces yourself, as you may contract germs and diseases. Call the professionals today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form.

Attic Restoration/Insulation

Insulation Management in Kansas City Metro

At Critter Control of Kansas City Metro, we have all the necessary tools and equipment to remove your damaged and contaminated insulation, then replace it with new insulation. Allow our experienced attic restoration experts to get the job done for you. Our skilled specialists will provide quotes from most major insurance companies. We will get your attic fixed in no time! 

The right amount of insulation will reduce your energy bill by saving heat in the cold months and releasing heat in the warm ones. We can also add insulation to what you already have to increase your home's energy efficiency!

Dangers of Soiled Insulation

If you've had a critter invasion in your Kansas City Metro attic, you may be dealing with soiled insulation. When rodents like mice and rats run through your insulation, they leave their urine and droppings along the way. Your insulation soaks it up, which is dangerous for you and your family. Raccoons and bats will defecate in one concentrated area, which damages the insulation in that section of your attic. No matter what part of your insulation is damaged, it's important for the health of everyone in the home to have it replaced. 

The wildlife in your attic can cause additional problems like bringing in mites, ticks, and fleas. These pests will get into your insulation as well. It's best to have a professional evaluate the situation. 

Common Types of Attic Insulation

You may be wondering what type of insulation is best for your attic. There are many options that Critter Control of Kansas City Metro can review with you to find the best option for your home. Our goal is to help you increase your home's R-value, which is the rating for how much heat your insulation will retain. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation is. 

  • Fiberglass Batt Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Loose-fill Fiberglass Insulation

A poorly insulated attic will result in energy loss in your home and long-term energy loss will drive up your utility expenses. A well-insulated attic will pay for itself in energy savings, so when you contact Critter Control, be sure to ask about energy tax credits. Call today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form for more information and receive your FREE estimate on attic restoration and insulation.

insulation installation in kansas citynew insulation in kansas city attic

Attic/Soffit/Louvre Vent Screen Guards


Attic Vent Management in Kansas City Metro

Attic vents are a prime location for critters like raccoons, birds, bats, and squirrels to make their way into your home. Many animals can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so without the proper vent screen guards, you could have quite the party in your attic! 

The professionals at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro know how to identify the entry points on your roof and around the rest of your home and will provide you with solutions to properly seal your home. 

Why do I need vent screen guards?

If the vents on your Kansas City Metro home have missing or damaged screening, animals will find their way inside! Your soffit is the perfect entry point for a bird to fly in, attic vents can be taken advantage of by raccoons, and louvre vents are favorited by rodents looking for a new home. If the vent screen isn't properly secured, raccoons may use their paws to rip apart the screen and make their way inside, especially if their motive is to have babies in your home. 

The best way to ensure all your screens are protected from wildlife is to have the professionals a Critter Control of Kansas City Metro do a home evaluation. We will determine any entry points that are commonly missed. 

Whether you need attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures, or soffit vent repairs, our technicians are expertly trained to fix your problems. Let us do all the work for you; call today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form.


raccoon looking out of attic vent in kansas cityattic vent guards in kansas city

Bees, Wasps, Hornets

Stinging Insect Management in Kansas City Metro

Hornet's nest in Kansas CityBees, wasps, and hornets commonly build hives in attics; possibly yours! To keep your family safe from stings, it’s important to deter and remove any of these insects. Bees, wasps, and hornets use their stingers to protect themselves when they feel threatened, which can be dangerous for your family. In addition to your attic, these insects may also build their nest in your walls and under your home’s eaves. 

Bees, wasps, and hornets are social insects, so they live in colonies. There may be thousands of these pests in your home at one time. 

What are bees, wasps, and hornets attracted to?

These insects love sweet-smelling food. They’re attracted to flowers in the wild, and sweet foods remind them of that. Fruit and soda are common attractants. They also enjoy meat. 

How to Prevent Bees, Wwasp removal in kansas cityasps, and Hornets

Limit the food and water sources that are available to the animals in your home. Seal the food in your pantry, close your trash can, keep pet food covered, and dispose of spoiled produce on the counter. Keep an eye out for the beginnings of a new nest. The sooner you can catch them starting to move in, the easier it is to evict them. 

Call Critter Control immediately if you need help with flying insects before any harm can be done to your family or your home.

Call today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form for effective insect removal services.

Carcass/Dead Animal Removal

Carcass Removal Services in Kansas City Metro

If an animal has died in your home, the area is susceptible to odors, bacteria, and bugs. Dead animal removal is essential to getting your home back to normal. If you're wondering who removes dead animals from homes, look no further than Critter Control. In addition to the strong odor left behind, signs of dead animals in your Kansas City Metro home include stains on the ceiling and walls and an increase in insect presence. 

How do you know if an animal has died in your home?

The easiest way to know if an animal has died in your home is to use your nose. Dead animals leave behind a strong odor as their bodies decay in your home. If you follow your nose, you can usually find where the dead animal is to plan for the dead animal's removal. Keep in mind the carcass could be behind a wall or in a vent. The dead animal will continue to smell until it has completely decayed or it has been disposed of. However, keep in mind a decaying body attracts bugs, which can create a new problem in your home 

Dead Animal Smell

Deceased animals leave a horrible scent in your home. Factors that can affect the smell include:

Size of Animal: Large animals produce more odor because they have more flesh. Small rodents such as mice and rats produce less odor than large animals like raccoons. 

Species of Animalthree mice: Different animals have different types of flesh; therefore, they produce different odors. 

Stage of Decomposition: As an animal starts to decompose, the odor gradually increases. Once the body is dried out and has been eaten by maggots, the odor will decrease. 

Location of Animal: When an animal dies in a low-ventilated area, it takes longer to decompose than when it dies in an area with high-ventilation. 

Time of Day: As the air heats up during the day, it rises, so you may not smell the odor as much as you do in the evening when it is cooler. 

How do you get rid of dead animal smell?

When the team at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro comes to remove the dead animal from the attic or other area of your home, we will also be sure to eliminate the odors left behind with it. Not only do deceased animals leave a horrible smell in your home, but decayed animal bodies can also lead to other problems such as insect infestations, health hazards, and diseases. Our experienced specialists will remove the carcass from your attic and purify the air with special deodorizers and neutralizers. We have special pet-safe odor eliminators and commercial disinfectants to be sure the smell, bugs, flies, and bacteria are all eliminated. 

Call today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form.

Dead Animal in the Vent

Sometimes animals die in tricky places. Dead animal removal from the vent or walls is not an easy task without professional tools! If you have had wildlife die in your vent, walls, or another hard-to-reach place, we can take care of it. We will carefully cut through the drywall and remove the wildlife. Then, we will deodorize and sanitize the area, and finish by repairing our cuts. 

Dead Animal Removal Under the House

Do you have an animal that has died under your house? This is common with raccoons, opossums, and skunks. Critter Control offers dead animal removal under the house. Be careful trying to remove dead animals under the house--you don't want to come face to face with a live one by mistake! Leave dead animal removal under the house to the professionals and call the team at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro today. 

Caulk & Sealing

Caulking windows in Kansas CityCaulking & Sealing Services in Kansas City Metro

After we remove the existing critters from your home, we will go back through and seal any entry points that the wildlife had been using, or any potential entry points for the future. 

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service will seal all cracks and crevices in your home with the proper materials to prevent pests from coming inside. This will also result in energy savings for your home. Our trained technicians will perform inspections and monitor for pests in order to identify potential problems in your home. We will prevent small pest infestations from becoming a larger problem. 


Common Critter Entry Points

There are some places that are common entry points for critters in many Kansas City homes. They include:

Rooflines Hole in soffit in Kansas City Metro

The roofline along your Kansas City Metro home is a common place for critters to wiggle into. Rodents like mice and rats will use this place to sneak into your attic. Holes in the siding on your roofline are also easy spots for those animals to take advantage of. Because rodents can fit into a hole the size of a dime, it's important to ensure every tiny hole is sealed. 


Your soffit is another easy spot for rodents and birds to get inside your home. They can often get chewed by squirrels as well. Keeping them in good condition and sealed is essential to keeping your home critter-free. 

Around doors and windows

Doors and windows can often have tiny gaps around them. This is another place for rodents to use to get into your home. Those gaps around your trim may seem minor, but they are a door wide open for the neighborhood mice! Especially when the temperatures drop and they sense the warmth coming from these areas, they will be drawn right inside. The team at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro will caulk all the tiny gaps around your doors and windows to ensure they are securely sealed from wildlife. 

Under loose roof tiles

Raccoons have the dexterity in their paw to rip up loose roof tiles to get into your attic. Loose roof tiles also allow squirrels, rodents, and birds to get into your attic. Loose roof tiles are also vulnerable to extreme weather--the wind can catch ahold of them and cause even more damage! You may not even know you have this issue because it's not every day you're on your roof--unless you're with the Critter Control team! We know how to efficiently look for loose roof tiles to keep your home in top shape. 

Around pipesCaulking pipes for Critter Control in Kansas City

The small area around your pipes is favored by many small rodents. They will get into your walls through these holes around your pipes. Rodents can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so as soon as you think you have the area perfectly sealed, the rodents will find a missed spot! The experts at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro are trained to find every possible entry hole and block those off from rodents, including the spaces around your pipes. 


If the vents in your Kansas City Metro home have missing or damaged covers, birds, rodents, squirrels, and other wildlife will make these vents your cozy home! A common vent that is taken advantage of is the dryer vent. Birds will make their nest here and enjoy the warm air that blows through. At Critter Control of Kansas City Metro, we know what covers are best for each vent in your home to ensure they work properly and keep your home critter-free!


Crawlspaces that aren't properly sealed off make the perfect home for neighborhood mice, rats, and raccoons. We will ensure you have the right covers to keep the vents working properly while keeping wildlife out. Crawlspaces also oftentimes hold wiring to the home, which is something you don't want the critters to get to. Rodents in particular will chew through the wiring which is an electrical hazard.

In addition to invading your crawlspace, critters like rodents may come for your foundation vent. Rodents in your [MARKE] foundation vent are more than just a nuisance. They will chew your insulation, chew the pipes, and cover the space in droppings. If you suspect there are animals in your foundation vent or crawlspace, we will remove them and securely seal the space to keep them from coming back. Wildlife reproduces quickly, so the sooner you can catch this problem, the better!

Don't wait until your critter crisis gets out of hand; be proactive and prevent the problem from happening! 

Call today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form.

Chimney Cap and Screen Installation

Chimney Cap & Screen Installation Services in Kansas City Metro

Animals like raccoons, birds, and snakes love to use your chimney as an entry to your home. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have Critter Control of Kansas City install a chimney cap for you. This not only keeps the animals out of your home, but it keeps the rain out of your chimney. 

With years of experience, we offer a wide selection of products and services related to animal and pest control. After the removal of unwanted pests and wildlife from your home, our service professionals are ready to repair any damages done to your home with modern prevention techniques. 

We can reduce the possibility of wildlife entry by:

  • screening vents
  • installing chimney caps
  • closing entry holes & more

Let us do the work for you — just call Critter Control of Kansas City today! Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922

Chimney cap in Kansas City homeChimney Cap in Kansas City home

Chimney Repairs/Sealing/Tuck Pointing


Chimney Repairs in Kansas City Metro

Chimneys are exposed to all of the elements due to their location at the top of your house or building. Chimneys may suffer from degradation of the following areas:


Chimney repair in Kansas CityBricks are porous, and over time, they can begin to break down. If moisture freezes in the bricks, they may break down faster.  

Mortar Joints

Mortar joints break down with age. If you have damaged mortar joints, you will also have excess moisture in your chimney. The cracks can make your home less energy efficient. 

Chimney Caps

Any damage to your chimney cap can allow animals to enter through your chimney.  Damaged chimney caps also allow excess moisture to enter your home. 

Other possible issues with chimneys include rust, damage to the flue lining, moisture, or chimney crown damage. 

Contact us to discuss repairing your chimney. 

Call today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form.


Crawl space Clean-up

Crawlspace Cleanup in Kansas City Metro

Similar to attics, crawl spaces are commonly invaded by wildlife and pests. If you have had critters invade your home, they likely left behind droppings and chewed any insulation down there. Luckily, crawlspace cleanup will get your home back to top shape. You might also have damage to the pipes or other damages that require crawlspace repair. Our trained technicians will clean the crawl space of your home after the animals have been removed.

Common problems that animals cause that warrant crawl space repair in Kansas City include: 

Damaged pipes

Rodent teeth do not stop growing, and they will find anything to chew to relieve their teeth. They may choose to chew on your pipes, which causes great damage to your home. Damaged pipes can lead to water damage which could include ruined drywall and foundation problems. Damaged pipes will continue to make problems until repaired. When our team implements crawl space cleaning, we will be sure any damaged pipes are taken care of before the cleaning starts so the problem doesn't return. 

Ripped insulation

When wildlife gets into your crawlspace, they will use the insulation for their bedding. When the insulation is ripped and dissipated throughout the space, it is no longer effective. Luckily, insulation restoration is available. Before we restore the insulation, we will implement our pest clean up services and prevention methods so the new insulation stays effective.

Chewed wires

When rodents like mice and rats are looking for something to chew, they may also choose to chew the wires in your crawlspace. This can be a great fire hazard to your home because when they chew the wires they remove the protective coating on the outside. A single spark on a damaged wire could cause a fire. When we implement our craw space rodent clean up, we will check for any damaged wires so we can get them repaired and keep your home safe. 

Soiled items with feces

When wildlife is scurrying through your crawlspace, they will leave their droppings behind. Wildlife droppings will damage your insulation and spread diseases in your crawlspace. These messes and diseases require professional equipment to destroy the bacteria. Our team will implement professional crawlspace cleaning to get rid of the diseases and droppings left behind.

When pests invade your home, they leave behind these messes and damage. Luckily, Critter Control of Kansas City Metro offers full-service pest clean-up services. Once we remove the animal and fix any damage, we will install prevention methods to keep the animals from coming back!

Animal in the Crawlspace

If you notice torn insulation, chewed wires, or droppings, you likely have an animal in the crawlspace! Many different animals could be the culprit, but the most common are raccoons, opossums, and rodents. 

Raccoons in the Crawlspace

Raccoons love to take advantage of your Kansas City Metro crawl space to stay warm and have their babies. Raccoons will create a mess with their latrine, which is a place they choose to use as their bathroom. If you hear thumping in your crawlspace, you may have a raccoon in your crawlspace. 

Crawl Space Rodent Clean Up

While they are small, rodents create a lot of damage in the crawlspace! From droppings to chewed insulation and wires, they certainly show proof they were there. Our team offers full-service crawl space rodent clean up to get your crawlspace back to normal! Our crawlspace cleaning services will ensure your home is clean and healthy and back to top shape in no time. 

Opossums in the Crawlspace

If you notice opossums in the crawlspace, they are likely just passing through for a short time. However, it's still important to remove them as quickly as possible before they tear any insulation or leave behind droppings. If opossums have invaded your crawlspace, you will likely need some crawl space cleaning to remove any droppings and diseases left behind. 

We will remove all of the animal droppings and inspect the condition of the pipes and insulation of your home to ensure there are no possible leaks that can cause a lack of energy efficiency. Call Critter Control of Kansas City Metro today if you suspect there are unwanted animals in and around your crawl space.  

crawl space restoration in kansas citycrawl space restoration in kansas city

Foundation Vents

Foundation vent repair in Kansas CityFoundation Vent Management in Kansas City Metro

After the removal of unwanted wildlife from your crawl space, we repair damages and implement prevention techniques. Physical barriers are the best way to keep critters out of your home. We reduce the opportunity for future conflicts with unwanted nuisance animals through the following steps:

Screening foundation vents

Foundation vents are important to your home because they keep the air flowing and prevent moisture buildup. However, if they aren't properly screened, they can invite neighborhood critters to make their home inside. Critters like rodents can chew through weak foundation vent materials, so it's important to have the correct foundation vents on. Other animals with a lot of dexterity, like raccoons, can rip off foundation vent covers that are not properly installed. 

Installing chimney caps and screens

Chimneys are a common place for raccoons, birds, and snakes to get into your Kansas City Metro home. Raccoons like to have their babies in chimneys, which can create quite a surprise! Birds will also find their way into your chimney and make a ruckus. Chimney caps and screens are a great preventative measure for this. 

Closing entry holes 

There is no shortage of potential entry holes around Kansas City Metro homes. Rooflines, soffits, vents, and the outside of doors and windows are just a few of the places that can act as entry holes for critters. Keeping these areas caulked and sealed will ensure your home is safe from unwanted critters. 

What animals live in foundation vents?

Crawlspaces are a safe and cozy place for many animals to make their nests and have their babies. Common animals that live in foundation vents are raccoons, mice, rats, and skunks

Raccoons In Your Foundation Vent

Raccoons see your foundation vent as the perfect place to have their babies. If you suspect you have a raccoon or their babies in your Kansas City Metro home, it's important to have a professional remove them. If raccoons are blocked from their babies, they will do anything to get to them and cause a lot of damage in the process, including ripping the vent screen off that you just installed. Also, you do not want to crawl into your foundation vent and come face to face with a raccoon!

Mice and Rats In Your Foundation Vent

Rodents in your Kansas City Metro foundation vent are more than just a nuisance. They will chew your insulation, chew the pipes, and cover the space in droppings. If you suspect there are rodents in your foundation vent, we will remove them and securely seal the space to keep them from coming back. Rodents reproduce quickly, so the sooner you can catch this problem, the better!

Skunks In Your Foundation Vent

It stinks to find out you have skunks in your foundation vent! If you suspect you have one lurking around, call the professionals at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro. The last thing you want is to come face to face with a skunk stuck in your foundation vent!

If you have any concerns about the security of your foundation vent, Critter Control of Kansas City Metro can help. Call our office today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922, or Contact Us using our online form.

Goose Round-Ups/Management

Goose Roundups & Management in Kansas CityGeese Management in Kansas City Metro

Goose droppings are not a pleasant sight to have around your home. Not only will they stain your sidewalks and driveways, but they can also carry germs and diseases in their droppings

Geese can be very aggressive animals, especially during nesting season. That's why our trained professionals here at Critter Control have developed effective techniques to control geese populations and to remove geese from your properties. Critter Control will work with your local Wildlife Officials to round up and remove unwanted geese. Goose repellent on turf is an effective way to deter geese from feeding and loafing. Contact Critter Control today to learn more about goose management programs.

Gutter Cleaning/Leaf Guards

Gutter Cleaning in Kansas City Metro

Untreated, clogged gutters can be a problem as they can cause extensive water damage to your home. Our experienced professionals will fix your clogged gutters for you. We will install leaf-proof and Leaf Defier gutter guards to protect your home from future problems such as:

Additional benefits of having your gutters repaired include: 

  • Removing a potential nesting area for critters
  • Extending the life of your roof
  • Increasing the longevity of your gutters
  • Keeps your landscape from damage

Call Critter Control of Kansas City Metro for more information and a free estimate!