Kansas City has several types of squirrels, all of which you'd like to not have on your property or nesting in your walls or attic. If you hear shuffling or scratching noises above you, there's a good chance that you have unwanted visitors inside your home. The most common type of squirrel in Kansas City is the tree squirrel. It's important to contact the professionals to resolve any pest problems you have before the squirrels get out of hand. Contact us today at 913.912.8985 or contact us HERE to schedule your inspection and get rid of unwanted squirrels for good!

Getting Rid Of Squirrels 

As soon as the squirrels get inside your home, they are one of the most destructive pests. We will use all our available resources to get squirrels off your property and keep them out of your home. Some common squirrel damage repair methods include:

  • Live humane traps
  • Restoring damaged insulation
  • Sealing potential entry holes
  • Installing prevention methods like screen vents

Common Squirrel Problems

Squirrel Removal in Kansas City homesCommon squirrel damages include:

  • Damaged electrical wires due to chewing
  • Pulled insulation for nesting
  • Weakened structural integrity of homes and outbuildings
  • Soiled insulation
  • Holes in siding
  • Yard and lawn damage

Full-Service Company 

Critter Control of Kansas City's technicians are able to determine which species you're dealing with by the noises and damage types. We will remove and trap squirrels on your property and in your home using effective and humane methods. As soon as we're certain the pest is gone, we will take steps to make sure the squirrel infestation doesn't return. Call Critter Control of Kansas City for complete squirrel control! 913.912.8985

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