Wildlife Prevention Services in Kansas City Metro

Wildlife prevention is one of the most valued services offered by our team at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro. We stand out from the competition by taking great care to keep wildlife animals out by using industry-leading prevention methods. Critter Control uses wildlife prevention methods that include habitat modifications and exclusion materials. Our species-specific prevention plan to keep wildlife off your property and out of your home for good! Call today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922 or Contact Us using our online form.

Creating Changes to Habitat

Commercial Grade Chimney Cap at Kansas City BusinessThe first step in preventing wildlife animals from getting into your home is making appropriate habitat modifications to your Kansas City Metro property. Habitat modifications will make your property less appealing to your problem wildlife, so they'll have no real reason to spend time in your yard or home. Effective habitat modifications can include:

  • Removing water and food sources (including pet food & birdbaths)
  • Getting rid of potential nesting areas
  • Moving excessive brush 

How to Keep Wildlife Out

The most effective way to keep wildlife from entering your home is to incorporate exclusion materials. Exclusion materials create a barrier between the wildlife animals outside and the interior of your home. Critter Control of Kansas City Metro will locate all points of wildlife entry, seal them, and install exclusion materials where it is necessary. This is the best approach for long-term wildlife control results. The exclusion points will depend upon the wildlife animal, but some of the most common animal exclusion points include:

Adding chimney caps and screening can prevent animals from falling in or nesting. Animals like raccoons, birds, and bats love to make their homes in your chimney. It’s common for raccoons to have their babies in this safe location, so it’s important for the safety of your home and the safety of the wildlife in the area to have the proper chimney cap installed.

In addition to keeping critters out of your Kansas City Metro home, chimney caps also keep your chimney safe from the elements. Rain and sleet will damage your chimney over time, causing costly repairs.

  • Plumbing vents

Animals seeking shelter can become stuck in plumbing pipes. They may turn up in areas of your home such as your toilet while they’re trying to escape. It’s important to ensure your plumbing vents are properly screened.

It’s common for rodents to damage your Kansas City Metro plumping pipes with their sharp teeth. Because rodent teeth don’t stop growing, they are always looking for something to chew to keep themselves comfortable. Keeping rodents out of your home will help stop them from choosing your plumbing vents as their teether.

  • Roof and fascia spaces

Your fascia keeps your home sealed from rodents and other critters from crawling inside. If there is any damage to it or failing caulk lines, it could be a gateway for the wildlife to get into your attic. Rodents can fit in a hole the size of a dime. To ensure your fascia is properly sealed, the team at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro can do a full evaluation of your roofline.

  • Roof vents 

Animals like squirrels and rodents will chew through a vent cover if it is not very secure. Raccoons will rip the cover off if it’s in their way and easy to move. Lightweight, flimsy vents should be replaced with heavy secure roof vents to ensure your attic is protected from Kansas City Metro wildlife.

  • Oven & bathroom exhaust vents 

Oven and bathroom exhaust vents are another passageway to consider screening for wildlife prevention. Adding screening to these vents will help keep animals out.

  • Roof/Soffit intersection

Poorly sealed points between the roof and soffit invite animal entry. It’s easy for these spaces to be missing screening as they are hard to see and utilized for attic ventilation. However, if the roof and soffit spaces on your Kansas City Metro home are missing the proper screening, they are a door wide open for birds, rodents, squirrels, and more.

  • Holes in siding 

Rodents can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so even the smallest holes can be a doorway for critters. Repairing and reinforcing any holes in your siding will discourage animal infestation.

  • Porch and deck

Durable screening around the base prevents nesting animals from inhabiting your porch area. Skunks are infamous for making their homes under your Kansas City Metro deck. To keep skunks and other animals from burrowing under your porch, have Critter Control of Kansas City Metro install the proper screens.

  • Trees and landscaping

Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation will deter bugs from infesting your garden and landscaping

Professional Wildlife Prevention

While some wildlife may appear small and harmless—like rodents or bats—it is important to remember that there are many dangers associated with wildlife critters. Keep wildlife animals out of your Kansas City Metro home for good by calling Critter Control of Kansas City Metro at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922. Protect your Kansas City Metro home from wildlife dangers by wildlife-proofing your home today.