Norway rats are not very good at staying out of sight or out of mind of Kansas City homeowners; as soon as you notice an infestation in your Kansas City home, we recommend you act quickly in order to get rid of the problem. These rodents can multiply quickly, and the most effective way to make sure the rodents are gone for good is to contact a rodent pest control professional like the team at Critter Control of Kansas City. Our trained technicians at Critter Control of Kansas City have the necessary tools to eradicate rats easily, effectively and humanely, and are just a phone call away at (913) 912-8985. You can also use our online contact form.

Keeping Brown Rats Away 

Norway Rat damage in Kansas CityHere at Critter Control of Kansas City, we know how much damage rats can cause to your home in a short amount of time. It is very important to make sure you are doing everything possible to eliminate the possibility of a rat infestation. Simple things that you can do to discourage brown rat infestations include: 

  • Keeping your house clean
  • Keeping food sealed in rodent-proof containers
  • Filling/sealing holes where rats could potentially enter

Common Norway Rat Problems 

Common brown rat problems may include:

  • Spreading diseases 
  • Nibbling and contaminating food 
  • Shorting electrical circuits and causing a fire hazard
  • Insulation Damage 

Full-Service Rat Removal Company

In addition to causing a hazard in their environment, Norway rats are also apt to scratch or bite if they feel threatened. Since they transmit several serious diseases, Norway/brown rat bites and scratches leave humans susceptible to any number of viruses, including rat-bite fever, the plague, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV). These rodents may also carry smaller pests like fleas. Our experts can help remove the pests and take measures to prevent them from returning. Call Critter Control of Kansas City today.

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Norway (Brown) Rats
Rats living in your crawl space or walls? Disappearing pet food? Dead rats or rat dropping in your attic? These may well be signs of a rat infestation. Call Critter Control of Kansas City today at (913) 912-8985 for effective rodent cleanup, rat removal, and exclusion services.
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