At Critter Control of Kansas City we commonly receive calls regarding raccoons invading peoples homes. Looking for warm nesting areas these pest can cause damage once inside. It is important to contact a wildlife professional if you suspect a raccoon in your home. Our wildlife technicians are trained for proper removal before the problem gets out of hand.

Get Raccoons Out and Keep Them Out

Critter Control of Kansas City is prepared to prevent and remove raccoons from your home by performing some or all of the following:

  • Setting live traps 
  • Sealing all possible methods of entry
  • Habitat modification 
  • Installing exclusion equipment
  • Securing your trash cans

Frequent Complaints Related To Raccoons 

Raccoons can cause a damage and unsanitary conditions such as:

  • Cause harm to livestock, poultry, and possibly household pets
  • Trash on the ground outside trash bins
  • Soiled insulation from urine and feces 
  • Contaminated food

Full-Service Raccoon Removal 

Critter Control of Kansas City will use our extensive knowledge to get rid of your raccoon problems. We are confident that we will be able to address your raccoon issue and prevent them from coming back again. Call us today!

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