Foundation vent repair in Kansas CityFoundation Vent Management in Kansas City Metro

After the removal of unwanted wildlife from your crawl space, we repair damages and implement prevention techniques. Physical barriers are the best way to keep critters out of your home. We reduce the opportunity for future conflicts with unwanted nuisance animals through the following steps:

Screening foundation vents

Foundation vents are important to your home because they keep the air flowing and prevent moisture buildup. However, if they aren't properly screened, they can invite neighborhood critters to make their home inside. Critters like rodents can chew through weak foundation vent materials, so it's important to have the correct foundation vents on. Other animals with a lot of dexterity, like raccoons, can rip off foundation vent covers that are not properly installed. 

Installing chimney caps and screens

Chimneys are a common place for raccoons, birds, and snakes to get into your Kansas City Metro home. Raccoons like to have their babies in chimneys, which can create quite a surprise! Birds will also find their way into your chimney and make a ruckus. Chimney caps and screens are a great preventative measure for this. 

Closing entry holes 

There is no shortage of potential entry holes around Kansas City Metro homes. Rooflines, soffits, vents, and the outside of doors and windows are just a few of the places that can act as entry holes for critters. Keeping these areas caulked and sealed will ensure your home is safe from unwanted critters. 

What animals live in foundation vents?

Crawlspaces are a safe and cozy place for many animals to make their nests and have their babies. Common animals that live in foundation vents are raccoons, mice, rats, and skunks

Raccoons In Your Foundation Vent

Raccoons see your foundation vent as the perfect place to have their babies. If you suspect you have a raccoon or their babies in your Kansas City Metro home, it's important to have a professional remove them. If raccoons are blocked from their babies, they will do anything to get to them and cause a lot of damage in the process, including ripping the vent screen off that you just installed. Also, you do not want to crawl into your foundation vent and come face to face with a raccoon!

Mice and Rats In Your Foundation Vent

Rodents in your Kansas City Metro foundation vent are more than just a nuisance. They will chew your insulation, chew the pipes, and cover the space in droppings. If you suspect there are rodents in your foundation vent, we will remove them and securely seal the space to keep them from coming back. Rodents reproduce quickly, so the sooner you can catch this problem, the better!

Skunks In Your Foundation Vent

It stinks to find out you have skunks in your foundation vent! If you suspect you have one lurking around, call the professionals at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro. The last thing you want is to come face to face with a skunk stuck in your foundation vent!

If you have any concerns about the security of your foundation vent, Critter Control of Kansas City Metro can help. Call our office today at Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922, or Contact Us using our online form.