Caulking windows in Kansas CityCaulking & Sealing Services in Kansas City Metro

After we remove the existing critters from your home, we will go back through and seal any entry points that the wildlife had been using, or any potential entry points for the future. 

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service will seal all cracks and crevices in your home with the proper materials to prevent pests from coming inside. This will also result in energy savings for your home. Our trained technicians will perform inspections and monitor for pests in order to identify potential problems in your home. We will prevent small pest infestations from becoming a larger problem. 


Common Critter Entry Points

There are some places that are common entry points for critters in many Kansas City homes. They include:

Rooflines Hole in soffit in Kansas City Metro

The roofline along your Kansas City Metro home is a common place for critters to wiggle into. Rodents like mice and rats will use this place to sneak into your attic. Holes in the siding on your roofline are also easy spots for those animals to take advantage of. Because rodents can fit into a hole the size of a dime, it's important to ensure every tiny hole is sealed. 


Your soffit is another easy spot for rodents and birds to get inside your home. They can often get chewed by squirrels as well. Keeping them in good condition and sealed is essential to keeping your home critter-free. 

Around doors and windows

Doors and windows can often have tiny gaps around them. This is another place for rodents to use to get into your home. Those gaps around your trim may seem minor, but they are a door wide open for the neighborhood mice! Especially when the temperatures drop and they sense the warmth coming from these areas, they will be drawn right inside. The team at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro will caulk all the tiny gaps around your doors and windows to ensure they are securely sealed from wildlife. 

Under loose roof tiles

Raccoons have the dexterity in their paw to rip up loose roof tiles to get into your attic. Loose roof tiles also allow squirrels, rodents, and birds to get into your attic. Loose roof tiles are also vulnerable to extreme weather--the wind can catch ahold of them and cause even more damage! You may not even know you have this issue because it's not every day you're on your roof--unless you're with the Critter Control team! We know how to efficiently look for loose roof tiles to keep your home in top shape. 

Around pipesCaulking pipes for Critter Control in Kansas City

The small area around your pipes is favored by many small rodents. They will get into your walls through these holes around your pipes. Rodents can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so as soon as you think you have the area perfectly sealed, the rodents will find a missed spot! The experts at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro are trained to find every possible entry hole and block those off from rodents, including the spaces around your pipes. 


If the vents in your Kansas City Metro home have missing or damaged covers, birds, rodents, squirrels, and other wildlife will make these vents your cozy home! A common vent that is taken advantage of is the dryer vent. Birds will make their nest here and enjoy the warm air that blows through. At Critter Control of Kansas City Metro, we know what covers are best for each vent in your home to ensure they work properly and keep your home critter-free!


Crawlspaces that aren't properly sealed off make the perfect home for neighborhood mice, rats, and raccoons. We will ensure you have the right covers to keep the vents working properly while keeping wildlife out. Crawlspaces also oftentimes hold wiring to the home, which is something you don't want the critters to get to. Rodents in particular will chew through the wiring which is an electrical hazard.

In addition to invading your crawlspace, critters like rodents may come for your foundation vent. Rodents in your [MARKE] foundation vent are more than just a nuisance. They will chew your insulation, chew the pipes, and cover the space in droppings. If you suspect there are animals in your foundation vent or crawlspace, we will remove them and securely seal the space to keep them from coming back. Wildlife reproduces quickly, so the sooner you can catch this problem, the better!

Don't wait until your critter crisis gets out of hand; be proactive and prevent the problem from happening! 

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