Residential Wildlife Control

Residential Wildlife Services in Kansas City Critter Control is the leading wildlife control company in the Kansas City area. With a team of experienced professional wildlife technicians, Critter Control of Kansas City is prepared with extensive knowledge and years of experience in wildlife removal services and solutions. Critter Control of Kansas City offers residential wildlife control services, including wildlife trapping and removal, damage repairs, wildlife prevention and other wildlife home services. If you suspect you have bats in the attic, mice in the walls or any other wildlife  problem, call us today at 913.912.8985 or fill out our online form to get wildlife out and keep wildlife out!

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of Kansas City has years of experience in wildlife trapping and removal. An untrained homeowner should not attempt wildlife removal. Call the professionals and learn more about our wildlife trapping and removal services here.

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Wildlife damages can occur both inside and outside your Kansas City home. Your Critter Control technician will identify all damages and outline a repair plan. To learn more about our wildlife damage repairs, click here.

Wildlife Prevention

Keeping the wildlife animals out of your home in the first place is the most important step of our wildlife control plan!

Residential Wildlife Services

Critter Control offers a variety of residential services to help keep your home clean and in good shape, regardless of whether or not you have just experienced an animal invasion.

Full-Service Professional Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Kansas City will help solve your wildlife problems and keep your property safe. Our wildlife control solutions are effective, efficient and affordable! We utilize humane methods of removal and are sure to solve your problems thoroughly. We will deal with any residential wildlife control problem that you're facing.

Experiencing wildlife problems or noticing signs of wildlife in and around your home? Contact Critter Control of Kansas City today! We offer the wildlife control services that keep you, your family, and your home safe! Give us a call at 913.912.8985 or fill out our online form before the wildlife damages to your home and property become unbearable. We will get them out and keep them out!