Crawlspace Cleanup in Kansas City Metro

Similar to attics, crawl spaces are commonly invaded by wildlife and pests. Our trained technicians will clean the crawl space of your home after the animals have been removed.

Common problems that animals cause in your crawlspace include: 

Damaged pipes

Rodent teeth do not stop growing, and they will find anything to chew to relieve their teeth. They may choose to chew on your pipes, which causes great damage to your home. Damaged pipes can lead to water damage which could include ruined drywall and foundation problems. 

Ripped insulation

When wildlife gets into your crawlspace, they will use the insulation for their bedding. When the insulation is ripped and dissipated throughout the space, it is no longer effective. Luckily, insulation restoration is available. 

Chewed wires

When rodents like mice and rats are looking for something to chew, they may also choose to chew the wires in your crawlspace. This can be a great fire hazard to your home because when they chew the wires they remove the protective coating on the outside. A single spark on a damaged wire could cause a fire.

Soiled items with feces

When wildlife is scurrying through your crawlspace, they will leave their droppings behind. Wildlife droppings will damage your insulation and spread diseases in your crawlspace. 

Raccoons in the Crawlspace

Raccoons love to take advantage of your Kansas City Metro crawl space to stay warm and have their babies. Raccoons will create a mess with their latrine, which is a place they choose to use as their bathroom. If you hear thumping in your crawlspace, you may have a raccoon in your crawlspace. 

We will remove all of the animal droppings and inspect the condition of the pipes and insulation of your home to ensure there are no possible leaks that can cause a lack of energy efficiency. Call Critter Control of Kansas City Metro today if you suspect there are unwanted animals in and around your crawl space.  

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