Bird Control

  • Commercial buildings are often confronted with damage, mess, and contamination problems when it comes to birds.
  • As a full-service wildlife solution provider, Critter Control offers service related to bird problems.

Bird Protection — Laws & Regulations

  • There are many different types of birds. Birds are an important part of our natural environment.
  • As predators, birds will feed on insects, rodents, worms, fish, and other smaller animals. 
  • Game birds, songbirds, hawks, and eagles are bird species contributes to the eco-system and outdoor recreation. The overall enjoyment of these bird species makes them protected by laws, regulations and public sentiment.

Critter Control of Kansas City will keep clients informed to reasonings behind each method of bird control.

Common Kansas City Bird Pests 

As mentioned, there are a variety of birds. In most urban settings, pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows are the most common bird species that are known to create issues.

  • Pigeons are very difficult to control and manage, especially if they have an established habitat in a certain nearby location.
  • Other birds such as hawks or swallows may occasionally cause unexpected problems. 
  • Crows and some species of blackbirds are considered as pests when they settle into a suburban area of a city.
  • Birds such as woodpeckers may drill holes in woodhouses and sidings as they search for insects or to make nest cavities.
  • Seagulls will roost and nest on large flat roofs with crushed stones. Seagulls will eat off of human trash. Seagull has a tendency of hanging around dumpsters near restaurants. 

Critter Control of Kansas City Bird Control Experience

Critter Control of Kansas City has extensive experience in pigeon, sparrow, and geese control and removal. We are confident in our abilities to efficiently remove pest birds for you. As a full-service company, we also provide services to repair any damage caused by these birds.  At Critter Control, we employed humane animal removal practices We will trap or relocate the pigeons, sparrows, and goose other pest birds for you.
Common pest bird situations include:

  • Birds feeding on agricultural products
  • Birds roosting nesting around residential and commercial areas
  • Contaminating foods and destroying vegetations
  • Destroying vegetation and contaminating foods
  • Noise, loose feathers, feces and odors
  • Birds have often infested diseases and ectoparasites such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis.
  • Birds can also create unpleasant and hazardous working conditions. 

At Critter Control of Kansas City, we offer bird control methods that are emphasized around deterrents, exclusion, and modification of buildings. Our service technician is knowledgeable and reliable. We will provide bird-proofing and bird control methods for any nuisance bird situations.

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