Known to Kansas City Metro as an invasive avian species, starlings cause their fair share of damage. Though beautiful, starlings are aggressive and frustrating, and especially impactful to the populations of non-pest songbirds. If starlings are wreaking havoc on your Kansas City Metro property, give Critter Control of Kansas City Metro a call! We specialize in starling (and other pest birds) removal and prevention. Keep starlings away with a call to Critter Control! You can also request a quote here.

How To Get Rid of Starlings

Starling control in Kansas CitySome of the most serious issues that starlings are responsible for include:

  • Crop damage
  • Forcing out local, native bird species
  • Damage to landscape when they gather in large flocks
  • Their feces are odorous and contribute to the disease known as histoplasmosis.

Starling Control and Safety

Here at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro, our technicians have the experience and skillset to help you remove your bird problem for good. Many products are designed to keep various species of birds from nesting in residential areas and are available for use on your property.

  • Removing possible food and water sources
  • Consider putting smaller-bird-attracting food in bird feeders—starlings are quite aggressive in their approach to feeders
  • Mesh netting & bird spikes
  • Hawk decoys (their natural predators)
  • Live starling trapping
  • Sealing off any entry points on buildings that are bigger than one inch large
  • Keeping gutters clean of debris

Starling Trapping & Removal

Starlings become hostile when they feel threatened, and approaching them is unnecessarily dangerous. If there happens to be a flock of starlings causing you issues, call Critter Control of Kansas City Metro's technicians to resolve starling infestations. Extensive training and top-notch equipment help keep our specialists and the birds safe throughout the starling removal process. Call Critter Control of Kansas City Metro today!

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Starlings in the attic or on the roof? Those pesky starlings are notorious for causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, property, and machinery with their excessive droppings. Critter Control of Kansas City can help manage your starling issue.
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