Moles can cause unsightly damage to lawns and expensive landscaping, and these holes and dirt mounds can also be dangerous. They will dig burrows in your yard and you might not ever even see them. Contact Critter Control of Kansas City Metro today and we can catch these subterranean critters in the act and keep them out. Call today or request a mole removal estimate here!

Getting Ground Moles off Your Property

Mole damage In Kansas CityBecause moles spend the majority of their time underground, they rely heavily on their sense of smell. Their complex tunnel systems in Kansas City Metro yards can make mole removal nearly impossible. Unless residents have ample time to monitor the mole traps and plant boundaries to prevent them from returning, we suggest you contact a professional who has the experience and tools to do so.

Common Mole Damage

Because their tunnels are so close to the surface of the ground, moles often leave behind unsightly mounds of upturned dirt that can negatively impact grass and plant growth. As mole invasions grow, the damage grows exponentially. Homeowners, farmers, golf course owners, and sports fields are all affected by mole problems. While moles don't directly attack humans (and in fact are rarely seen by them), their holes make the ground very uneven. Den holes and molehills are easy to trip over and can cause injury. 

Full-Service Mole Trapping and Removal

The most effective method of mole removal is mole trapping. Homeowners dealing with mole infestations should call Critter Control of Kansas City Metro, as we maintain experienced workforces that specialize in mole removal. Let our trained technicians use their expertise to eradicate mole problems quickly and efficiently.

We can help you get rid of mole problems! Call our Kansas City Metro office today.

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