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Are house finches known to enter homes or yards?
Yards with easy access to seeds and other dietary favorites are frequently used as house finch hangouts. While they typically build nests away from people and dangerous predators, house finches are also notorious for nesting in buildings. Vents, chimneys and house eaves are common nest locations.


Do house finches harm people or property?
Most house finch damage is the result of their food-seeking behaviors. The birds peck at ripening fruits and eat the seeds of various plants. Large flocks can decimate crop yields for farmers. They also eat budding blossoms and knock off flowering petals, which frustrates gardeners. Vineyard owners also deal with house finches as they attack grapes.Finch management in Kansas City

Control & Safety

Control methods often require the use of nets to keep house finches from reaching crops or flowers. Limiting possible nest sites, such as woodpiles and overgrown shrubs, also helps limit populations. House finches are protected by federal law, which means it is illegal to kill them. This makes it imperative that you call upon professional expertise when dealing with house finches.

Trapping & Removal

Catching and removing house finches is difficult as they are highly adaptable creatures. Contacting Critter Control of Kansas City is the best way to make sure the job is done correctly. Our team of pest management professionals are trained in the behavior of house finches and know how to effectively combat their presence.

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House Finches
House finches (Carpodacus mexicanus), also known as linnets, are about the same size as house sparrows. Have an issue with with these noisy and destructive birds? Contact the experts at your local Critter Control! Call Critter Control of Kansas City today (913) 912-8985
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