Chimney Repairs in Kansas City Metro

Chimneys are exposed to all of the elements due to their location at the top of your house or building. Chimneys may suffer from degradation of the following areas:


Chimney repair in Kansas CityBricks are porous, and over time, they can begin to break down. If moisture freezes in the bricks, they may break down faster.  

Mortar Joints

Mortar joints break down with age. If you have damaged mortar joints, you will also have excess moisture in your chimney. The cracks can make your home less energy efficient. 

Chimney Caps

Any damage to your chimney cap can allow animals to enter through your chimney.  Damaged chimney caps also allow excess moisture to enter your home. 

Other possible issues with chimneys include rust, damage to the flue lining, moisture, or chimney crown damage. 

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