Carcass Removal Services in Kansas City Metro

Deceased animals leave a horrible scent in your home. Factors that can affect the smell include:

Size of Animal

Large animals produce more odor because they have more flesh. Small rodents such as mice and rats produce less odor than large animals like racoons. 

Species of Animalthree mice

Different animals have different types of flesh; therefor, they produce different odors. 

Stage of Decomposition

As an animal starts to decompose, the odor gradually increases. Once the body is dried out and has been eaten by maggots, the odor will decrease. 

Location of Animal

When an animal dies in a low-ventilated area, it takes longer to decompose than when it dies in an area with high-ventilation. 

Time of Day

As the air heats up during the day, it rises, so you may not smell the odor as much as you do in the evening when it is cooler. 

Not only do deceased animals leave a horrible smell in your home, but decayed animal bodies can also lead to other problems such as insect infestations, health hazards, and diseases. Our experienced specialists will remove the carcass from your attic and purify the air with special deodorizers and neutralizers. 

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