Stinging Insect Management in Kansas City Metro

Hornet's nest in Kansas CityBees, wasps, and hornets commonly build hives in attics; possibly yours! To keep your family safe from stings, it’s important to deter and remove any of these insects. Bees, wasps, and hornets use their stingers to protect themselves when they feel threatened, which can be dangerous for your family. In addition to your attic, these insects may also build their nest in your walls and under your home’s eaves. 

Bees, wasps, and hornets are social insects, so they live in colonies. There may be thousands of these pests in your home at one time. 

What are bees, wasps, and hornets attracted to?

These insects love sweet-smelling food. They’re attracted to flowers in the wild, and sweet foods remind them of that. Fruit and soda are common attractants. They also enjoy meat. 

How to Prevent Bees, Wwasp removal in kansas cityasps, and Hornets

Limit the food and water sources that are available to the animals in your home. Seal the food in your pantry, close your trash can, keep pet food covered, and dispose of spoiled produce on the counter. Keep an eye out for the beginnings of a new nest. The sooner you can catch them starting to move in, the easier it is to evict them. 

Call Critter Control immediately if you need help with flying insects before any harm can be done to your family or your home.

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