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Sean was detailed and professional. Honest. Not trying to upsale, took care with my property
John Whitford is professional and made sure to remind me of the safety issues associated with the treatment (e.g., to follow up with vacuuming; to remain out of the house for 4 hours after the treatment). I have used Critter Control for several years; never disappointed.
They were exceptional! He explained everything that was going on and followed through to the end. I highly recommend this company
My mole issue was quickly identified. Excellent follow-up visits to determine mole status.
Mike was great. Very professional and on time. Kept me in the loop during his accessment of our nuisance bird ( woodpecker ) problem on our roof. Thank you Critter Control and especially Mike !
Critter Control promptly got me on the schedule same business day that I called for their service. Andrew came out, was professional, very detail oriented, and communicate numerous issues he found.
**** ******* was awesome...did a fantastic job! Would recommend them to anyone.
Sean was very helpful in catching the raccoon that was living under our deck. Quick response to my call, reasonable fees. I would definitely recommend this company.
Great communication with professional service.
Very professional, informative, safe and quick response time!
John is professional, personable and knowledgeable. We definitely give him 5 stars!
John's initial inspection of the attic also revealed a bat problem! Estimate given and service was performed to remedy the situation. John and other field technicians came out on multiple days to address a squirrel issue we had at the house and rig up a screen for the bats to exit but not come back. All-in-all a good value as this wasn't something I'd care to DIY.
John was very knowledgeable and fixed our critter problem right away.
Critter control has been our go to when dealing with small openings that we’re allowing mice in and when a squirrel found it’s way into our attic. Mike is the best! He’s very communicative & friendly! He works hard to make sure his clients are taken care of. Highly recommend.
Critter Control was knowledgeable, prompt and efficient. I have used them several times for mole and now vole problems. They are my critter elimination company.
We were having a squirrel issue and had Malakai come out and do an inspection. He did a very thorough job and communicated his findings clearly and was very easy to work with. On his initial inspection the roof was icy but he made a point to provide his contact information and came back immediately when the weather was clear and he completed the roof inspection. I would definitely recommend them.
John is great , professional, on time and reasonable prices. Used him in the past and knew to call him with this rodent problem.
Dave came out to inspect our house after we have heard woodpeckers on our chimney. Gave us the all-clear that there is no damage, and reassured us that this is typical season behavior for woodpeckers. Very fast, friendly, efficient and kind!!!
Andrew was very thorough in is inspection of our house. It was pretty creepy to find out I had a mouse problem but Andrew had a good plan to get the problem under control and started on it right away. He kept us informed and was nice to work with.
Very professional and a thorough inspection!
They kept their appointments, they took time to explain everything to me, and made me feel like they had everything under control. They charged what their estimate said they would. I couldn't ask for anything else. They were friendly and professional on the phone, and the employee who came out was professional and reassuring.
I had Colton out to my house after what looked like a rodent damaging the fiberglass under the front porch. Colton came out identified were the access was, set a bunch of traps for about 10 days and sold me on the fix . Colton was in constant communication about what was or wasn't happening even giving me his direct #. We set the appointment for the fix and Colton showed up on time and got right to work, fixing all access points and replacing all fiberglass. Very satisfied!!
I’ve used Critter Control several times over the last few years. They are incredibly professional and responsive. Colton is friendly, responsive, and explains exactly what will take place. While they provide services to help alleviate a problem, there is no pressure to purchase additional services. I would highly recommend this company.
Colton Mattson did an outstanding job for us. He was professional and courteous. Couldn't be happier with the service. Thanks!
So far, so good. We are not yet over our squirrel problem. Ethan started the job by attaching a trap to the hole in the window facing. One squirrel caught, several to go. Ethan will take care of them one by one. Ethan is courteous, professional and very helpful. Best of all, he is effective. Can't wait to be done with these furry terrorists.
no comment
Excellent service!! Punctuality and quality are excellent.
Ethan did a great job of cleaning up the big mess of bird nesting materials that had seeped through the screen on our attic gable vent. He removed the old screen we had attached years ago, removed the bird nest materials,from the vent, cleaned up the floor, checked for evidence of bats, and finding none, put up a new screen, then put a screen on the outside of the vent so birds would not be able to nest in the vent again. The screen he had with him was to small to cover the outside of the vent, so he put up the one he had, and came back the next week, like he promised and put up the larger screen. He was very professional and friendly. This is the first time we have used a company like this, and I highly recommend Critter Control for jobs like ours.
reasonable price. on time service. very friendly. i would definitely recommend this company
These folks have done a great job taking care of removing moles from our property. Polite and efficient and I appreciate them!
very friendly and great service
Critter Control of KCMO was outstanding. We were assigned Colton. He was very professional, prompt, and intelligent. I always felt like I understood what the next steps were and why they were happening. The pricing was also very fair. I don't hope to have squirrels break into my attic again, but if I do - I'm calling Critter Control.
Colton is amazing
Kevin did a very good job. Professional, prompt and courteous. This is the second time we have needed their services. Had to use them several years ago to get squirrels out of attic, and had the same good experience.
Courteous, thorough, professional service. Our field tech Colton M. was friendly, knowledgeable and informative. We could not be more pleased. A thoroughly professional company, with a prompt, courteous and helpful staff. Thank you!
I called Critter Control they came out within a day of calling them. They handled the job quickly and they were very knowledgeable. Thank you.
Critter Control technician was very knowledgeable and helpful. I very much recommend this company to anyone having mole issues.
(no comment)
Tony S.
Moose is an amazing hardworking young man. He gets the job done and is meticulous in his work ethics. I highly recommend him to do any job in the future. Critter control is very luck yo have this man working for them. Very pleasant and polite. Thank you for making a very bad situation in to a better one knowing the job was done with excellences. Thank you again Moose!!!
David P.
They did a great job on my insulation!!
Brad and Heather M.
Brad and Heather M.
Awesome work, really nice people and was able to find the problem almost right away!
Jane F.
“Moose” was wonderful to work with. He was knowledgeable and explained his findings well. I look forward to working with your company in the future.
Judy H.
I am thoroughly pleased with my experience with Critter Control. The service that I received is exceptional. Musashi is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to have as my Wildlife Technician. I had a mouse issue and Musashi found and sealed the entry point as well as trapping the culprits! I am so glad that I found Critter Control and would highly recommend them.
Pat W.
Professional, let us know when they were here, well dressed,
Joan B.
Kevin and Tristan were entirely thorough and professional. Thank you for your great service.
Richard S.
Kevin really is the "Mole Whisper"
Heidi N.
Work was completed quickly after requesting the work. Received a call with info on the work to be completed, and associated timeframe. Very satisfied!
John P.
On time, personable, well-informed.
Heidi N.
Kevin was great. Very thorough and explained what he thought we were dealing with, and what he felt was necessary to fix the problem. I thought the cost was very reasonable for the work done. I am very pleased! Thanks!
Zondi K.
Kevin was not only efficient but was extremely brilliant, knowledgeable, thorough and very professional. Made me sleep at night after weeks of sleeplessness due to anxiety and fear of snakes. Great job.
Lisa C.
Happy with the service!
Theresa B.
Kevin is great to work with!
Cecilia and Connie W.
Your technician, Cody Lang, was extremely helpful and thorough when he inspected our home today for a rat/rats/??? problem. He was very professional and patient with our questions and explanations. Our thanks to him and Critter Control for -- hopefully -- putting an end to this vexsome nightmare!
Sherry S.
Cody was very professional, polite and friendly. He explained his findings, very carefully. Obviously, he really enjoys his job and does it well. Thank you, for sending him, here!
Cara M.
Colton was extremely helpful - very knowledgeable and professional as well. Would definitely recommend Critter Control to others and will hopefully sleep better now knowing the problem is taken care of!
Tiara B.
Always professional and let me know everything that has been done!! Kevin is the tech that I always have!!
Rob P.
Always great service. Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable.
Wanda H.
I'm really impressed. Nice work on the inspection and the work to protect the area from critters.
Lora R.
Kevin did an awesome job! He was very professional, and extremely helpful.
Patricia P.
Kevin did a great job! 5 stars!! And got the evil mole! Yippee!
Rick S.
Pleased with Cody's work!!
Marjorie R.
Neat job on dryer vent, but I have not used it yet.
Sandra S.
Kevin was great, very professional and knowledgeable. I would use your company again.
Mike D.
Always good service & Tech explained everything very good. Thank you
Larry H.
Cody was prompt, courteous and professional. He seemed thorough and dedicated. I felt he took the time to make sure the job was done right. I would recommend your company to others.
Robert S.
Ethan was great , informative and thorough
Bernard K.
Cody was very knowledgeable and is planning to take care of our bat problem next Wednesday - and also put out a couple of bait traps for chipmunks. Good representative for your company.
John B.
Early to appointment, thorough review and answered all questions.
Tammy W.
Great job!
Ron W.
Kevin called and asked if it was okay to show up early. It was, and he did. Did a nice job patching damage on the ends of the house and installed reflective flags to deter woodpeckers from woodpecking our house. Time will tell how effective they are, but for now, everything looks great.
Valeri C.
My experience with Critter Control and Colton was very helpful. It put my mind to ease and now I know what I need to do to keep my house free of critters. Colton was very professional, polite and informative. He did not seem rattled by my irrational fears of snakes!
Karen and Tim J.
It was great working with Kevin Mattson again. He did a great job for us and we feel he went above and beyond taking care of our problem.
Phillip K.
Colton showed up early and assessed the situation and put a plan together. Closed up access points to the house and did it all quickly and professionally.
Shirley G.
Cody was very good about explaining about the yellowjackets. I asked several questions and no hesitation about answeing them. I am hoping that they will be gone. I'm so glad that I did call you because I had no idea what they were except bees. He also will have someone come out Saturday and caulk the holes for me. I will recommend your company anytime. Cody is a nice young man. Shirley Green
Levora W.
Great job!!
Christen H.
Punctual and very friendly technician! Thoroughly explained the process to me. A positive experience!
The response is very quick, when phoning in a service call. My tech, was Cody who is always a pleasure to work with. I'm very pleased with the company as a whole. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a immediate response and quick service.
Jessica a.
Colton was great. Hopefully we catch the dirty rats soon!
Kyle P.
Quick and responsive service
Lea Ann Y.
Cody Lang is my Hero! Identified smell I've been chasing in my home for 7 days with Plumbers and Public Works Dept. Shared his expertise to not only identify, but also shared methods to eliminate smell. Cody also found entry points on my roof and explained how Critter Control could help.
Bob B.
Excellent service, on time
Patti H.
Service was very professional. Very good job. Will definitely use again. 5 star service.
Tehani E.
Appreciate the prompt service and communication during the job.
Mary E.
Ethan was the best! Completed a very thorough search in every area of my house and presented a detailed explanation of recommendations. He and Kyle completed the repairs to my home promptly and were a pleasure to deal with. Ethan was a total professional, answering all of my questions in a friendly manner. Hopefully I won't need a "critter control" service in the future, but if I do I definitely know who to contact.
Karen K.
Ethan is a friendly technician and very knowledgeable. Let us bug him with questions and very patient. He was exactly right in predicting what the critter was and how quickly it would be caught! Thank you!
Deborah M.
Kevin and his assistant were very professional and completed the job in a timely manner. They did a great job!
Jonathan L.
Service was completed as promised.
Daniel H.
The entire process was just great
Willie M.
The technician seems to know his business and was about doing a good job and explaining what was going on.
Michael M.
Mr. Kato was very knowledgeable and friendly. He took the time to explain and answer my questions
Greg S.
Provider offered helpful information, courteous, set up traps, removed a groundhog that we had trapped with our own trap, explained services.
Crystal H.
Musashi Kato was our service technician. He was on time. He was great at communicating what they were going to do and the job that was done was exceptional!
Rosemary P.
Thanks. Colton was very responsive.
Tammy W.
Ethan did a great job and was very thorough! He knew his info and answered all our ?'s. was very professional!
Amber S.
Came out on time and took care of problem! Great job thank you for resolving the issues. Brooke Briarwood Gardens Manager
Bonnie S.
Great job. On time.
Gary B.
Cody was very thorough and professional. Company was responsive and timely Thanks
Erika S.
Colton answered all my questions, addressed concerns and took care of the problem in the safest manner possible.
Bob D.
This company is A+ !! Great people !!!
Deana M.
Kevin is wonderful - so helpful!
Sean P.
Always quick to respond to my request and works until it's resolved.
Dawn P.
Colton was great! He arrive early, was very professional and got the job done quickly!
Loretta C.
The inspector was quick, but thorough.
Suzanne A.
Absolutely loved Kevin! He was so personable and knowledgeable about the critters. What a great representative for the company. This is the first time I have used Critter Control, but will definitely recommend this company to my neighbors, and if need be, will call again. Thank you so much! Suzanne Axon
Josh and Jennifer H.
Kevin was awesome. He was polite, personable and explained everything to me without making me feel stupid.
Patricia F.
Very thorough and very professional. Have already caught 2 and reset the traps. Thank you so much.
Justine B.
Today was a follow up visit for critters in the attic. Colton was extremely kind and considerate. He answered all of my questions and explained clearly what he needed to do. Thank you for you help. You guys are very professional and not condescending. I will continue to use your service going forward. Gratefully, Justine Berrigan
Robert S.
Very Good Job- Bees Are Gone
Phil T.
Representative was personable, knowledgable and professional in his approach and work. We are very pleased with the service and the intended results thus far.
Glenn D.
Cody was extremely professional, thorough & helpful. He answered all my questions & provided me with the Necessary solutions. I asked that he set me up with a tentative appt for 8/15/17 to have the Necessary work completed.
Deborah A.
Ethan does 5 star work!
Kathleen D.
Very professional and prompt
Marilyn M.
Pleased with work completed as of this date 6/16/17. Looking forward to final completion of job mid August.
Peggy S.
Thank you for your service. The representative that came to my house was wonderful! He thoroughly checked and was kind and considerate. I will happily recommend your service and will keep your number handy.
Mitch R.
Great job. Got rid of our problem in a very short period of time. Colton was a pleasure to work with.
Chris and Kristin G.
Jeff was a pro. Thanks so much!
Father Randy S.
So pleased with the thoroughness that Kevin used in the inspection today. I have such great confidence in the professionalism and expertise of Critter Control. Thank you!
Father Randy S.
I couldn't be any happier with the quality of work by Critter Control. Thank you!
Jill R.
Colton did an awesome job and was a pleasure. Thank you!
Brenda R.
Very professional
Amanda B.
Good service. I would recommend this company if you have unwanted animals at your residence.
William M.
Cody did a great job of explaining your service and answered all of our questions. We appreciate all of your help. Thank you very much.
Father Randy S.
Thank you so much for quickly resolving to our bat issue. I was especially delighted that you took the time to study the exterior of the house for possible entry points prior to our upcoming inspection. This will definitely be helpful.
Heather B.
Kevin was super nice and very knowledgeable of the situation. He quickly fixed our problem and would recommend him to anyone else in the neighborhood.
David A.
Kevin did a great job, and he worked very quickly.
David S.
Ethan was on time, friendly and explained everything to me.
Marilyn M.
Job not complete yet, however the technician, Ethan Adams, conducted a very through investigation of the problem. Will give full evaluation when the attic is completely rid of bats.
Tom G.
Colton did a very good job diagnosing the problem of squirrels getting into the attic! He deployed the trap and within a matter of days all the squirrels were caught! He sealed the opening with sheet metal and now the house is squirrel free! Critter Control was very responsive considering how busy they've been during the month of May. Thank you for a job well done!
Frank L.
Your man did an excellent job. I thought your cost was a little steep.
Rebecca K.
This company is the best! They're punctual, know what they're doing, and friendly, too. I'm not looking forward to needing a critter control company in the future, but if I do, I'm calling Critter Control of Kansas City.
Sue S.
Cody was prompt. He did a good job of explaining chipmunk problem & recommended action. Despite using poisonous bait, I agreed to trapping chipmunks with 3 traps rather than having chipmunks in house.
Barbara R.
Kevin was pleasant and explained the problem. He was reassuring, and I hope all my sealings do the trick!
Vanessa R.
We were so excited to have found a company that we will recommend to friends. We contacted 2, and made appointments with 5 other companies before finding Critter Control. None of them were a fit for us; they either didn't show up or only placed poisons around our home. I was grateful for Musashi's thorough inspection and helpful advice. The only reason we rated 4 out of 5 was we continued to smell and see evidence of rats in our vents after the area was sealed. We thought at first that maybe they were simply in our house at this point, and we would need to catch them all first and then it would end. After we crawled through our crawlspace and reached into our vents though, we discovered 3 holes into our vents, and 4 obvious entry points (from the crawlspace perspective).
Stephanie B.
Thanks for continuing the service. Appreciate the communication and follow ups when needed.
Patrick B.
Our service was first class. Our technician took care of all our concerns. He was professional and went above and beyonf to take care of our concerns. Thank you!
Christy T.
The individual was knowledgeable and completed the job accurately. Thank you.
Don R.
On time and very efficient
John L.
great job Ethan was courteous and on time Thanks John Leven
Phyllis W.
Great job. Immediate diagnosis and very timely.
Ron S.
Very satisfied, very professional.
Norman B.
Cody was excellent and completely professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Don B.
Great service, great people. Everything handled as promised
Andy B.
We felt comfortable with Colton. He answered every question to our satisfaction, performed his job in a very professional manner, and was a great representative for your company. We realized you can't guarantee that we will have no other mice in our home, but we feel he did everything possible to prevent it from happening.
Janice and Maurice C.
Ethan Adams was professional, courteous, and did everything he could to locate the squirrels in our attic, zeroing in on where they were. He brought out an air purifying plug in for our bedroom, never complained about the fact that our air conditioner had ALSO gone out that day, and he had to get up in that very hot attic! He was very respectful, tidy and efficient in all that he did. He explained everything to us thoroughly and we will certainly call upon him again any time we have that crazy problem. We will be sure to recommend Critter Control to anyone with any issues of this nature.
Melissa M.
Colton was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.
John S.
Very informative technician!!!! Great customer service!!
Shelly S.
Five stars! Colton was a pleasure to work with. Though my original appointment was at 1:00, he was available to meet with me earlier (which was a blessing since I was using my lunch break for my appointment time!). He took the time to explain everything to me, and got the job done quickly. I highly recommend him and Critter Control to all my homeowner friends.
Sonny B.
Hello Jeff, a job well done, I mean very well done. As my wife stated she will recommend you and company very highly. It was shaky & nervous, but you guys came through just fine. Many thanks, not wishing to see you again under similar circumstances, but you and company are welcome to stop by anytime for a well deserved hand shake and perhaps some sort of drink. The Buso family
Bill and Elaine B.
You have a really great employee in Mouse. Enjoyed meeting him and he did a great job
Josh a.
Great work, very efficient, thank you!
Gayle J.
So very pleased with the work Kevin did. I think now I am finally rid of raccoons!!!! I would recommend you to anyone needing this kind of service.
Robin B.
Colton was early, but called to see if that was ok, pleasant, informative and took care of the problem of the dead mouse that was in a basement crawl space. He set traps, haven't captured any yet. Colton sealed points of possible entry of the mice outside the perimeter of the house.
Bryan S.
Contractor (Kevin) was fast, professional and knowledgeable. Got the pests taken care of and repairs done right. Very pleased with this company, and would definitely use again.
Very easy people to work with, very professional. Would definitely call again!
Josh P.
Colton did a great job! Will recommend to others. Thanks
Michael S.
cody was thorough, efficient, polite, and knowledge..thanks jeff and critter control
Megan a.
Thanks for always coming on time!
John P.
Great customer service!
Cathie C.
Great service! I haven't had an issue since Critter Control came into my life!
Jeff K.
Outstanding company. They do what they say they will do, and always show up for the job when they are scheduled. Other companies should take a lesson from Critter Control on how to run a business and treat the customer.
Jean S.
Appreciated the time and work done this morning during the inspection to lessen the chances that mice find their way into my home. He went above and beyond and I am very thankful.
Carlene A.
Technician, Ethan I believe, was helpful courteous and knowledgeable.
Michael T.
5 Stars! A great company, prompt service, friendly technicians!
Cheryl E.
Great job, employee was very nice, and professional! Thank you :)
Roxanna and Jay N.
Again... Cody did a great job!
Cindy L.
I like critter control, I think they do a very good job. If you get a lot of moles like I do backed up to Woods, then it's worth it. Thanks everyone at CC! Cindy liu
Ted M.
Cody was great. Very professional and courteous.
Rebecca M.
Very professional & courteous! Available for any & all questions.
Anita M.
The serviceman did a quick, yet professional job. Thank you
Sheryl T.
Ethan does a fantastic job for us! He communicates extremely well about the work he has done, as well as what I need to watch for going forward. I've had him work on my property for a number of years, and he is AMAZING!
Jarrod K.
Technician was very knowledgable and friendly. Great work!
Michael T.
Great communication!
Terri M.
If there was a ten star rating, I would give just that. These guys do what I would call an unpleasant job, but they do it professionally with smiles on their faces. They are knowledgeable, educating as they go. I would recommend them to anyone. The prices are reasonable and they are very "up front" about what they are going to do. The job I hired them for was large, requiring a lot of work. They delivered. Everyone from the front office to the owner, to the men who responded to my problem were fantastic to work with!
Kathleen M.
The service was professional and polite, and I got answers to all my questions.
Elizabeth a.
We have used Critter Control numerous times over the last couple of years and always receive excellent service. Ethan is great to worth with and office staff is always friendly.
Jared B.
very professional and informative
Tyler D.
Great job
Rick C.
Great job, arrived on time, worked quickly and explained everything so i understood
Natasha E.
AWESOME JOB! Professional, kind and I felt safe.
Bob R.
Colton arrived on time and was pleasant and professional. He identified the problem and went right to work. He was efficient and dealt with the problem. I'd recommend Critter Control to anyone. I actually stopped another employee working in the neighborhood two days ago to ask about my problem--birds in the eaves--and he was likewise very helpful and professional. I called Critter Control after talking to him. Great employees!
Adrian R.
Prompt...friendly..professional. Colton fixed our issue and offered solutions for other potential issues at residence. Very happy!
Jim and Helen J.
Took very good care of his. Acted quickly upon our repair work needed.
Alinda M.
Always professional and dependable.
Robert W.
Kevin was easy going and straight to the point. He was able to make a repair and cover up some spots that birds could attempt to nest on my house. Thanks for the great service!
Don S.
Rapid response and great service. Thanks Ethan.
Our Tech was great! super friendly and very knowledgeable. Awesome job!
Ray S.
Arrived on time. Did work efficiently
Roger B.
Critter Control was recommended by our exterminator of many years to inspect our attic and make recommendations. Jeff inspected our attic and dispelled a number of misunderstandings/myths about bats, which we had two years ago, and more recently flies which appeared to be entering our living space from the attic. Jeff recommended caulking specific areas, I did myself, and adding about 6" of insulation (boric acid treated for insect control)by his professional service. Jeff did a great job adding additional insulation, vent baffles and repairing a joist in the attic. Clean-up was virtually perfect. Status: 48 hours post caulking, no flies compared to vacuuming a couple of dozen per day in our great room. We're optimistic that the fly issue is resolved and that the additional insulation will significantly lower our heating/cooling expenses. The cost of the service was reasonable.
Homer C.
Employee that came out was very nice and extremely knowledgeable.
Zachary P.
True professionals. I highly recommend
Becki R.
Professional service
Tom T.
Job well done.
Dawn M.
Thank you for your prompt and thorough service!
Lori F.
Kevin was great. Punctual, professional and provided information needed for the issues at our home. We are very happy with the work he did today, including relacing vent covers (looks better than our builder's work). Kevin has been the technician to come to our home several times for various reasons over the last few years (mole, vole, other critters)... he is the reason we will call your company again.
Christy B.
Very happy with service. Bat was located and quickly removed.
Leslie S.
Dalton did a great job of explaining all that he was doing. He also told me to give him a call as soon as we catch the little critter.
Randy E.
Kevin caught the squirrel in my attic within the first 24 hours. Great work
Benjamin D.
Very professional and did an excellent job.
Lowell M.
Kevin did his usual efficient job. On time. Conversant. Knowledgeable. Pleasant.
Bob M.
Kevin has been GREAT to work with. Definitely a 10! Bob Meyer
Sunho K.
Very professional and efficient! Highly recommend!
James B.
On time, great service
Sheryl T.
Ethan, Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!
Whitney M.
Prompt, efficient and productive service.
Brian W.
Kevin was great. Identified the locations of entry and was very thorough.
Kimberly B.
Professional, personal and great communicator! We caught one mole in a trap while Ethan was placing the many in my yard! Highly recommend!!!
Katherine B.
Ethan was very efficient and professional. I hope the trap works. Katherine Barton
Nicole G.
Extremely pleased with the service I received today. Kevin was prompt and extraordinary thorough....he is very knowledgeable and helpful. I will keep using Critter Control for all my snake problems!!!
Whitney M.
Excellent, friendly service.
Amy H.
very professional and efficient! loved that he took off his shoes and put on dry one to walk upstairs
Kimberly C.
Ethan was a huge help figuring out we had a bat in our attic and helping to rid our attic of the bat.
Avi L.
Ethan is very professional, very courteous, and knows his job extremely well. Definitely five stars.
Judith B.
I was so happy that finally someone listened to my problems with rodent removal and did several things to eliminate them as well as made suggestions for me. Thank you for the courteous and thorough service.
Harold B.
Prompt. Complete assessment. Wouldn't collect money until he identified root cause of problem and possible solutions. Have used Critter Control both in Johnson County and Lees Summit. Great service. Courteous. Trust them.
LaDene V.
Thank you for finding and fixing the problem. Now hopefully no more bats in the house!
John P.
Good job.
Debbie V.
I can only give a 4 star rating until we know the problem is resolved. Mustashi was very nice and professional. It takes a special person to do what he does.
Melissa S.
Colton was on time (called and came early even). Was nice pleasant and thorough in his explanation of his plan of action.
Bob D.
Great company and even GREATER people!!!
Chris B.
You ROCK! Thanks!
Dewey F.
Good kid. Hope to catch animal.
Debbi L.
Every aspect of the job was completed in an exemplary manner. I really was impressed with Ethan! He was very professional. Thank you.
Grace G.
Karen M.
Excellent professional technician. Kevin explained the process for wasp removal and was very friendly and efficient.
Susan K.
Ethan was very nice to work with, and explained how this works, and what will be needed on our part! Thank you so much for the quick response!!
Kathy H.
Prompt in making appointment. Would have liked to have had notification of when the return visit occurred and what was found... before getting the bill for it. Only one mole caught? So many trails... >>>??
Rich H.
It looks good
Dena P.
Ethan was excellent. Very thorough and professional. Thank you!
Steven B.
Great work. Thanks.
Kimberly L.
Moose was a nice guy!!! Very patient with us. And super friendly...Like my other time with Critter Control it was a good one. So I will always call when I need you guys...So Thanks!
Don S.
Very professional and thorough. Highly recommend.
Matthew M.
Good customer service. Valerie was very helpful.
Rachel McGonagle
Sean was detailed and professional. Honest. Not trying to upsale, took care with my property
Lynn Ritter
They were exceptional! He explained everything that was going on and followed through to the end. I highly recommend this company
Ashley Wilcox
Critter Control promptly got me on the schedule same business day that I called for their service. Andrew came out, was professional, very detail oriented, and communicate numerous issues he found.
Marian McDonough
Sean was very helpful in catching the raccoon that was living under our deck. Quick response to my call, reasonable fees. I would definitely recommend this company.
Courtney Mitchell
Dave came out to inspect our house after we have heard woodpeckers on our chimney. Gave us the all-clear that there is no damage, and reassured us that this is typical season behavior for woodpeckers. Very fast, friendly, efficient and kind!!!
Suzanne Heilman
I called Critter Control to remove a squirrel from my attic. It was a pregnant female getting ready to nest. I called Critter Control and left a message and had a prompt and courteous response from Margaret. Margaret dispatched a ?
Kara Little
Critter control has been our go to when dealing with small openings that we?re allowing mice in and when a squirrel found it?s way into our attic. Mike is the best! He?s very communicative & friendly! He works hard to make sure his clients are taken care of. Highly recommend.
Chaz B
John's initial inspection of the attic also revealed a bat problem! Estimate given and service was performed to remedy the situation. John and other field technicians came out on multiple days to address a squirrel issue we had at the ?
Scott Beaubien
We were having a squirrel issue and had Malakai come out and do an inspection. He did a very thorough job and communicated his findings clearly and was very easy to work with. On his initial inspection the roof was icy but he made a point ?
James Berger
Critter Control is great! I have tried all the things recommended at the hardware store, sprays, high pitched noise makers, no-kill traps, all a total waste of time and money. Critter Control determined where the squirrels were coming and ?