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Critter Control of Kansas City serves the people in the Kansas City metro area, including Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas, and Platte, Cass, Jackson, and Clay Counties in Missouri, with exceptional animal control and wildlife removal services.

Your technician will be knowledgeable in bee control, opossum removal, bat exclusion, bird control and more. Our wildlife control services include wildlife removal, wildlife damage repairs, prevention, attic restoration, and more!

Each wildlife animal will require specific control methods and techniques. Your technician will create a species-specific approach to ensure efficient results and long-lasting control.

Our Services

Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Kansas City offers a scale of wildlife control services to ensure your problem is solved correctly. Our solutions are long-term and will keep wildlife animals out of your home for good. Trust Critter Control of Kansas City to solve your wildlife control problem quickly! Our methods are proven and safe, getting rid of the wildlife in your home quickly and in a humane manner.

Animal Removal

Using high-quality traps, exclusion methods or other techniques, our team will remove all animals from your home. We understand that having bats or squirrels in your chimney is frustrating, so we will work hard to quickly remove the pests in a humane manner.

Damage Repair

Wildlife animals inside your home are capable of a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Some damages can lead to leaks, electrical fires, health risks, and other extensive damages. If the damages are not addressed promptly, the result can be expensive and dangerous.

Animal Prevention and Control

Prevention and control tactics are used to keep other wildlife animals out of your home. Our experienced technicians are trained in different wildlife habitats and habits. Depending on your specific wildlife problem, we may install chimney caps, vent screens, or reinforcing holes in your siding or roof. Habitat modification is also used to make your yard less appealing to the curious critters. We understand the headache you may have when dealing with a wildlife invasion. Our techniques keep your family safe and ensure the elimination of recurrent wildlife invasions.

Critter Control of Kansas City Metro Service Area

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