Wildhog tracks in mulch.What Does Wild Hog Scat Look Like?

Wild Hogs can leave behind all types of signs such as making holes caused by rooting, wallows in yards, and most prevalent is the droppings they leave. 

Wild hog scat is three to nine inches long, and typically one to two inches thick. The droppings are not shaped like usual mammals. and feral pigs drop them into small piles. Depending on the Hog's diet, the color may vary form tan to black. 

Hazards of Wild Hog Feces

Wild hog scat is not only gross, but it also smells and can pollute food and water! Within these dropppings there amy ne myriad diseases, which could possibly spread to humans. Pathogens such as E coli and swine brucellosis are some of the main diseases that are carried through the scat. Humans are often affected second hand through infected water or plants. 

If you suspect a wild hog has taken residence on your property, Contact Us for professional removal!

Getting Rid of Wild Hogs

Due to the harm these animals can cause to your health and property, prompt removal of them is pertinent. Clients often set traps to get rid of these animals, however Wild Higs are very intelligent and often break out of these.  Contact the team at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro for help with controlling these pests. An experienced technician will work with residents to prevent the damage and problems associated with wild hog scat.

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