Magpie Control


Are magpies known to enter homes or yards?
Magpies do not enter houses but frequently live in residential yards, fields of crops and public places such as parks. They are inquisitive birds, and, in areas where they are not hunted or harassed, may become bold enough to pick up strange man-made objects and examine them.


Do magpies harm people or property?
Although the birds prefer to eat insects, they readily devour fruits, nuts, grains, carrion, the eggs of other birds and small animals. In the absence of their preferred food, magpie flocks cause significant damage to crops, gardens, and even newborn livestock. The birds are known to pluck out baby lamb and calf eyes, as well as devour eggs and newborn chicks on poultry farms. Additionally, the birds can imitate a wide range of sounds and plague surrounding residents with their loud mimicking of construction equipment, animal cries and human voices. Flocks of magpies leave behind a large quantity of droppings, which create unpleasant odors and tarnish building facades.

Control and Safety

Various methods can be employed to make surrounding areas less favorable to magpie habitation. Clear lawns of brush and thin out trees that may serve as potential roosts. Scarecrows, pyrotechnics, and propane exploders can effectively scare the birds off, but usage should be varied since magpies are intelligent enough to figure out that these things pose no real danger.

Trapping and Removal

In small numbers, magpies can be beneficial to humans since they eat grasshoppers, flies, beetles, and caterpillars. However, they are unpredictable birds and may make nuisances of themselves at any time. If problems with unwanted magpies arise, residents should contact the wildlife control experts at Critter Control of Kansas City to humanely handle infestations. 

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