What Do Fox Tracks Look Like?

Fox tracks are similar to other types of canine footprints. Foxes have four toes and a distinct triangular paw pad. Though similar to coyote tracks, fox prints tend to be narrower. They are symmetrical and usually appear in a straight line because of the animal's alternating gait. Drag marks will often accompany fox tracks in the snow.

Difference between Gray and Red Fox Tracks

Investigating a fox's footprints may provide information about the species that created the tracks. Both red and gray foxes have sharp claws, but these typically don't leave an indentation in gray fox prints. In other words, fox tracks that do not have tiny claw marks above the toes probably belong to a gray fox.

Getting Rid of Foxes

Foxes are able diggers. They can create foundational problems when they dig holes and burrow under homes. As predators, the animals may also cause issues for farmers and pet owners. To avoid serious damage to yards, Contact Us at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro for professional fox removal! 

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