What Does Coyote Scat Look Like?

Coyote feces vary greatly in size, although usually they measure between three and four inches long and are about one inch in diameter. The look and consistency of coyote scat depends on what they have been eating. Coyotes that most often feed on livestock and other animals will produce dark, soft scat that contains fur and bones. Those that eat a lot of fruit will produce crumbly droppings that are lighter in color.

Hazards of Coyote Feces

Because coyotes use the placement of their excrement to mark territory and communicate with others, discovering coyote droppings typically means a small group has taken up residence in the area. Coyotes will avoid human contact, but they still can cause several issues, such as preying on pets, when they live near people. Additionally, the presence of coyote scat contributes to the spread of diseases like distemper and parvo, and coyotes can carry fleas, mites, fluke worms, tapeworms, and heartworms. If you suspect a coyote has taken residence on your property, Contact Us for professional removal!


Incorrect handling of feces can lead to disease transmission, property owners should not clean up coyote droppings unless they take the necessary safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and masks. Furthermore, encroaching on a coyote's territory can make the animal aggressive and lead to an attack. Individuals who find coyote droppings in their yards should contact the professional wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro to remove the pests and sanitize the affected area.

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