What Does Bobcat Scat Look Like?


Bobcat scat can be found in a cylindral shape, and in brown or black color. The scat closely resembles, and is often mistaken for dog droppings. However, Bobcat scat is unique in that it often contains fur as well as small bones. This scat can often be found near urine spray marks on trees, porches, garages, or sheds.

Signs of Infestation

Bobcats can be found all throughout the US, but are rarely seen by humans and typically only come out during dusk and dawn. Those who spot bobcats must be very careful to not interact with them, and keep all pets indoors. Bobcats use feces as a mode to mark their territory, which warns other wildlife. These animals hunt within 20 miles from where they burrow.

Hazards of Bobcat Feces

Bobcats typically prey on small animals like possums, bunnies, and gophers. However, if food is scarce, they may begin to eat small pets and plants. Their large teeth and claws can injure, or even kill humans. Residents suspecting bobcat scat or predators near their property should trust Critter Control of Kansas City Metro. Contact Us today!

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