What Does Armadillo Scat Look Like?

Armadillo poop can be found in small pelets averaging an inch long. The scat may vary depending on what the animal has consumed. Their feces often contains insects, bugs, and buts of soil and larvae.

Signs of Infestation

You are likely to find armadillo scat around the holes and culverts where they hide.  Due to their consistent diet, armadillos leave thier waste near foraging sites like flowerbeds. If you suspect an armadillo has made a home on your property, Contact Us at Critter Control of Kansas City Metro for professional removal! 

Hazards of Armadillo Feces

Armadillo's are more harmful that you think. It is possible for armadillo scat, meat, and skin to carry the bacteria that spreads leprosy. To keep yourself safe, you should avoid all contact with armadillos and their waste. Do not dig holes in dirt with unidentified scat, and avoid touching thse pests. 

Prevent these animals from infesting your lawn by trimming the grass to not have thick areas where they can hide. Call Critter Control of Kansas City Metro today!


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