Welcome to Overland Park, Kansas

As the second most populated city in Kansas, Overland Park is never short of activity! Locals love spending time at the farmer's market, botanic gardens, and community center. 

Common Overland Park Wildlife Problems

Because of its location in the midwest, Overland Park faces a wide variety of wildlife problems. The changing seasons bring different challenges to face each month. Common wildlife problems that residents of Overland Park face include rodents in the walls, bats in the attic, and raccoons in the crawlspace. Luckily, Critter Control of Kansas City Metro is right around the corner to help fix any of these problems!

Some of the services we offer to Overland Park residents include:

Overland Park Wildlife Removal

Even though you may encounter a lot of wildlife problems in Overland Park, there's no need to worry because the Critter Control team is here to take care of them! From bat removal to raccoon trapping, we are here to eliminate your wildlife concerns. We also offer prevention services to ensure the wildlife doesn't come back. 

If you suspect wildlife problems in your Overland Park home, give Critter Control of Kansas City Metro a call. We can do a free phone estimate, then make a plan to eradicate the problem! Kansas: 913.912.8985 or Missouri: 816.654.6922