Welcome to Leavenworth!

The first city of Kansas, Leavenworth, has served as the starting block for the settlement in Kansas and the support of the opening of the West. Leavenworth is home to the Combined Arms Center, Intellectual Center of the Army, The U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, the Nation Simulation Center, and the Army Corrections Complex.

Take a walking or driving tour to commemorate the notable events in the community. A few notable museums are the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum, the Leavenworth County Historical Museum and the Carroll Mansion. Learn about the history of Leavenworth with any number of these activities, or visit all of them!

There are plenty of family-friendly outdoor activities in Leavenworth, including the Weston Bend State Park, with sweeping scenic views and a park, the Buffalo Bill Cody Park with a walking path and playground for the kids, and the Waggin' Tails Dog Park for the pup! The Angel Falls Trail features beautiful scenery, paved walking trails and a stream.

Common Leavenworth Wildlife Problems

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Leavenworth Wildlife Removal

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